Subcription Policy

1. You must maintain a minimum of one ongoing titles in order to continue to receive this service. Limited series do not count towards this minimum.
2. You must pick up your comics a minimum of once every 30 days. If you fall behind the 30-day window, we will send one courtesy reminder to you. After the 20th of the month, if you have not cleared out your subscription pull box in over forty five days, your subscription becomes delinquent. All future orders and pulls will automatically be suspended by our inventory system, and your credit card will be charged for the full retail amount (no discounts applied) of the comics currently in your pull box. If you know that you will be gone for an extended period of time, special arrangements can be made with the store so your service is not disrupted.
3. If you elect not to purchase a particular title in your subscriptions that title will be deleted from your list and future issues will not be pulled.
4. To assure that you receive the highest level of uninterrupted service, we require that a valid credit card be placed on file if you subscribed to more than five titles.
5. Your credit card information will never be made available to anyone or left in an unprotected or unlocked file. Only the store owner or store manager will be able to access this information, and only for the purpose of charging purchases approved by you (for mail order customers), or for the purpose of charging you for a delinquent subscription.


I authorize Malhotra LLC, dba Njoy Games and Comics to charge my credit card for the FULL RETAIL amount of all comics in my pull file if, after the 20th of any month, it is discovered that I have not completely cleared out my subscription file within the last 45 days.