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Welcome to Njoy Games & Comics online pull(subscription) services. As comic book readers and collectors, we understand how important it is to ensure that you never miss an issue of your favorite title. Our FREE pull service is the best means to make sure that you get what you need. Signing up is absolutely free and easy to do. Just click here to create an account and start adding titles to your account.
Here are just a few benefits of our subscription service:

  • Hassle Free Collecting: As part of pull service you will never miss an issue of your favorite series, crossover event, or a miniseries. We will gladly set aside your titles for you to pick up without any hassles. You can also request for us to pull all current titles of Trades for you to allow you to catch up to that amazing title that your friend just told you about*.
  • One issue Minimum: There is no minimum number of titles you can subscribe to; you can get started with just one title, even if you're a mail order customer.
  • 24 Hour Online Management Our online subscription program allows you to add and remove any title, any time you wish**.
  • Complementary Bag and Board: NEW As a member of our subscription service, you will receive complementary comic bag and backing board for each issue you are currently subscribed to.***
  • Discounts: Earn a 10% discount when you subscribe to more than 5 titles, and 15% discount when you subscribe to 10 or more titles.***
  • Title Recommendations: Have a favorite title/character and want to acquire every issue possible. With our online pull management system, we have the ability to recommend to you titles which we feel that you would appeal to you, based on your subscriptions.
  • Combined Shipping: Our mail order customers can choose to combine shipping on titles to save on shipping costs, or to take advantage of our free shipping options.
  • Exclusives Upgrade*: Njoy Games & Comics is aiming to create a relationship with publishers to develop exclusive Njoy Games & Comics variant editions of many popular releases. These variants will be limited and highly sought out since they will be available exclusively. Our subscribers will be automatically upgraded to our exclusive variants without additional costs. Of course you can always choose to get the regular edition if you so choose.
  • First Issue Guarantee: If you subscribe to a first issue of a comic series and don't like it, you may return it within 30 days of release in like-new condition and exchange it for a different comic of equal value. Single copies only, multiple copies do not apply. This guarantee applies only to Dark Horse, DC, Image, and Marvel comics.

If you have any questions regarding our subscription services or any other service we offer, please contact us at 818-709-0599 or via email to Please view our complete policy and guidelines and terms and conditions.

Some restrictions apply.
*Coming Soon.
**May require a wait period of one full issue for some titles to be in effect.
*** Your account must be current and your reserve box must be empty prior to receiving free bag and board and discounts.